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Keep in mind! These 5 tips before installing CCTV Cameras

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Keep in mind! These 5 tips before installing CCTV Cameras

Keep in mind! These 5 tips before installing CCTV Cameras

CCTV cameras has been playing an important role in people lives nowadays be it malls, airports, traffic signal, Home or personal office premises  CCTV camera has been installed almost by everyone now a days to ensure safety and security. Installation of CCTV cameras sometimes may be difficult task based on the location you would be covering and sometimes it is simple also if the location is not complicated. Although installation at difficult areas is something where you need to take care of these 5 tips which we would be covering in our blog article. Most of the difficulties are faced during the cabling and coverage part let’s go into detail of our blog post to show case some of the tips which you can keep in mind before installing CCTV cameras in your premises.

1. Plan properly for Future

As discussed in our initial discussion that cabling is one of the most inconvenience part during the installation of CCTV Cameras. Therefore one should keep in mind which areas are important to cover during installing CCTV camera, further to that ensure proper use of technology with respect to pixels of camera is used to get clear view from the cameras. Also ensure the hard drive you are installing is covering as much as recording so there are no issues for gaining the footage.

2. Choosing Cables

Choosing an appropriate cable is also important ensure highest quality of cables are used which will long last. Further you need to ensure that the cable matches the indoor and outdoor environment

3. Plan Location properly

Before installing CCTV cameras ensure you have prioritized your location and areas which requires coverage from the cameras, ensure proper angles are covered with CCTV installation. Further try covering every location so there is no haphazard on the security breach. Some of the location that can be included is the front areas, back areas, common areas based on where you would like to install the Cameras

4. Monitoring and recording devices

Another area which faces issues is the monitoring and recording devices ensure you have proper recording device which allows you with enough memory space to view all the footage. At least one week to two weeks of recording back up is enough therefore choose the memory space wisely.

5. Camera Mounting

To make good use of your camera mounting of camera is important; there are various methods which has been used for mounting such as mounting on ceiling or on walls. Ensure the camera height is on the top for any human actions. Further also ensure you have proper pixels of cameras used during the mounting so that clear videos are recorded.

If you follow the above tips we can ensure there will be no issues after the installation also it is important to select experience vendor who have already installed cameras in small to large areas.

How Stage Systems helps you with best CCTV Camera Installations

Stage Systems listen and learn about your needs then develop a standardised approach to your organisation’s CCTV requirements. Stage System team become part of your project and focus on achieving the best results possible within your budget. We create comprehensive documentation based on your budgets, Produce detailed guidelines towards the installation with complete project management and installation of hardware ensuring best deployments of Cameras.

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  1. Walterwailm
    Jun 19, 2018

    Whoa! This could be by far the most helpful thing on the topic I have ever found. Many thanks for your work.

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