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Working of Biometric Access Control Systems

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Working of Biometric Access Control Systems

Working of Biometric Access Control Systems

Before we start working of biometric access control systems let’s first understand what is Biometric. Biometric is a machine where a person is identified via different biological traits, there are certain unique identifiers such as retina, iris patterns, voice waves, fingerprints, signature and so on . . . Did you ever tried unlocking your phone with your own finger prints or your android phone with some patterns or password ? Yes that is something which can be defines as biometric technology where with your unique identifiers you are able to enter the gadget.

Previously password system was one of the first invented systems for security, as the time passed hackers started to break the password security systems after which Identity cards got invented. Today ther are many companies who uses identity cards but still the security is not powerful as the cards can be handed over to other person creating a security breach. Biometric access control systems are answer for creating more secure systems today.

Let’s see how a biometric access Control system works. – As discussed in our first para that biometrics access control system are based on physical and behavioral aspects following are the list on how a biometric works.


Physical traits are nothing but it is related to shape of our body example, fingerprint which is one of the most unique part for every person, your palm is another part which is unique, Face recognition which includes distance between two eyes, ears size, nose, any blot, eye shape etc. Today even eye retina scan is considered as a unique factor to identify a person.


Traits related to behavior of a persona includes when you type there is a rhythm that follows based on the behavior. This trait can be different from  person to person. Further voice is another behavioral trait where today voice recognition systems have been created in the market. There are many other aspects related to behavioral trait through which biometrics machine works.

A Biometric access control system works on verification. A single system can have more than one traits as mentioned above; where system can capture and verify all criteria. Where security is needed highly system may scan the person who want to access the resource. After scanning the data is captured in biometrics and it is stored in the database. On scanning basis and data the system verify the person and if the person is authorized person then the system allow access to the premises or resource.

Another use of biometric system is to identify people from bulk people. It works in the similar way as mentioned above but it scans people one by one and matched the criteria. If the person is authorized person system will allow access or it will disallow the access.

Biometrics is one time cost system and require zero maintenance. It just update the databased automatically and has been used largely all over the world from small to big places. Security level in biometric access control system is very high compare to old systems which were based on password or ID cards. Therefore there are zero chances of security breach. Further these biometric system are impossible to hack due to unique physical and behavioral traits. There are countries today opted for biometric passports looking at the threat of terror.

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